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  Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taipei Songsang Airport
By Taxi Time: approx. 33~60 minutes

Terminal 1&2 Taxi Service Center are located outside the Arrivals Lobby.

Taxi Fee: approx. NT$ 1,300-1,500 (approx. US$40-50)
Time: approx. 15-30 minutes

Taxi rank is located outside the Arrivals Lobby and the road south of the gas station.

Taxi Fee: approx. NT$300 (approx. US$10)
By Bus Time: approx. 85 minutes (One Transfer)

No. 1843 (Drop off at the Nangang Bus Station. (West))
From Nangang Bus Station to the hotel is 6 mins by taxi.


Fee: NT$110+NT$120=NT$230 (approx. US$7.5)
Not Suggested
By THSR Time: at least 60 Minutes (Two Transfer)

Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taoyuan HSR Station→Transfer to THSR→ to Nangang Station.
From Nangang Station to the hotel is 6 mins by taxi.

Fee: NT$25+NT$200+NT$120=NT$345 (approx. US$ 11.5)
By Metro Time: approx. 75 Minutes (Two Transfer)

Taoyuan Airport MRT to Taipei Main Station→Transfer to Bannan Line (BL Line) (approximately 15 min walking distance)→ to Kunyang Station.
From Kunyang Station to the hotel is 4 mins by taxi.

Fee: NT$150+NT$25+NT$100=NT$275 (approx. US$9)
Time: approx. 44 Minutes

Wenhu Line (BR Line) to Nangang Exhibition Center Station
From Nangang Exhibition Center Station to the hotel is 6-10 mins by taxi.

Fee: NT$35+NT$150=NT$185 (approx. US$6)

Symposium Venue (Humanities and Social Sciences Building @Academia Sinica)

  Time Fee Direction
By Taxi 13 minutes NT$140 - 180  
By Bus 26 minutes NT$15 Bus Station: Earth God Temple (土地公廟) — Academia Sinica (中研院)

Bus No.: 205/ 276/ 306/ 306 Shuttle
By Youbike 24 minutes NT$0 Youbike Station: Dongyang Park — Humanities and Social Science Building
On Foot 50 minutes NT$0