Travel Awards

Application Qualifications

  • The applicant's nationality and country of work must be outside of Taiwan, and their status must be a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow for at least two years. 
  • The applicants are required to upload CV and student certification documents.
* Before submitting, please prepare your abstract strictly according to the Abstract Guidelines. If the submitted abstract does not meet the specifications, the Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to reject the application. 


Copyright & Legal Obligations

  • All information contained in the abstract submission, including authors' names, affiliations, authors order of listing, and the content of the abstract, will be used in the congress publications of Glyco26; all authers are responsible for the accuracy of the data and must agree to having this information shared. 
  • Glyco26 has the copyright to use the abstract in the congress for scientific purposes without any prior notice to the contributor/authors.
  • All abstract content must conform to all Glyco26 Abstract Rules and Procedures.