Advanced Courses

Glycobiology and the science of glycoconjugates continue to evolve over the last decades. New findings and technological advances are continuously reshaping the field and leading to new research areas and translational opportunities. To prime those new to the field including many young aspiring students and postdocs, Glyco26 has arranged for several prominent glycoscientists to provide a series of lectures on selected glyco-topics of interest. The Advanced Courses, which are organized into three sections, aim not only to give an updated account but also historical perspectives on some of the most fundamental and fascinating aspects of protein O-glycosylation, glycan recognition by major classes of endogenous glycan binding proteins, and the art of analyzing glycan structures from the early days to current glycomics. These lectures are open to all participants of Glyco26 without charging additional fees. Sessions will be recorded and made available to the Glyco-community through IGO/SFG after Glyco26.

Date: Aug 26–27, 2023
Venue: 3F, Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Academia Sinica
Registration required, free for local and registered participants of Glyco26

Advanced Course I: Aug 26, 2023; 13:00–15:00
Glycan Binding Proteins – Diversity, Structure, Recognition Principles and Biology
Focusing on C-type Lectins and Siglecs
Principal Lecturers: Kurt Drickamer, Maureen Taylor, Matthew Macauley

Advanced Course II: Aug 26, 2023; 15:20–18:20
Protein O-glycosylation – Structural Diversity, Biosynthesis, Regulation and Functions
Focusing on O-GalNAc, O-Man, O-Fuc/O-Xyl/O-Glc
Principal Lectures: Henrik Clausen, Robert Haltiwanger   

Advanced Course III: Aug 27, 2023; 09:00–12:00 
Glycomics and Glycoproteomics of Biological Systems
Lecturers: Anne Dell, Daniel Kolarich, Manfred Wuhrer, 

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