Scientific Sessions

Glyco26 will feature 18 scientific sessions in 2–3 parallel tracks over its five-day regular schedule (see Program At A Glance). This includes two Asian Community of Glycoscience and Glycotechnology (ACGG) sessions and one Society for Glycobiology (SFG) Guest Session. The speakers for ACGG sessions are drawn from member countries and organized based on its founding aim to promote collaborations among scientists from Asian countries toward further advancement of glycoscience. The SFG Guest Session is a collaborative effort of the SFG and IGO to have reciprocal guest sessions in their respective meetings to encourage more participation between scientists in the two organizations. The corresponding IGO Guest session "Diversity of Pathways and Structures" was held at the annual meeting of SFG,  Nov 14-18, 2022. The SFG Guest Session at Glyco26 will focus on "Mucin and Microbiota". 

Other than the two ACGG sessions, all sessions will each feature two Keynote Speakers and several oral presentations selected from abstract submissions. The organization of the sessions is still to be finalized and will be adjusted based on the abstract submissions, but should include the followings: 

•    Glycosylation in ER
•    Glyco-Metabolism & Autophagolysosomal Pathways
•    Cancer Immunotherapy
•    GBP in Immune Regulation & Cell Homeostasis
•    GBP in Cancer & Host-Microbe Interactions
•    Glycans in Immunity and Infection
•    Mucin & Microbiota (SFG Guest Session)
•    GAGs & Proteoglycans
•    Glyco Neurobiology
•    Developmental Glycobiology
•    Systems Glycobiology
•    Glycoconjugate Diversity from Non-mammals
•    Plant Cell Wall Glycobiology
•    Engineering Cellular Glycosylation & Synthetic Glycobiology
•    Toolkits & Chemical Glycobiology 
•    Glyco Analytics & Glycomics

In addition, a pre-symposium public session on the Glycobiology of Viruses with four invited Keynote Speakers will be organized just before the Glyco26 opening ceremony and Award Lectures. This session serves to call public attention to the impact of glycosciences not only on our combating SARS-CoV2 over the last three pandemic years but also in addressing a broader range of viruses. To highlight the importance of glycochemistry-enabled investigations in solving glycobiology problems, another public session on Chemical Glycobiology will be held on Wednesday afternoon, outside the normal IGO meeting schedule. This session will include both international and local presentations, including those by younger scientists.